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Tribal Health

Under tribal RCH programme various activities has been undertaken for better health status of the tribal people like-

                                    Maternity Waiting Home (Maa Gruha) special initiatives for promotion of institutional delivery in inaccessible pockets,

                                   Tribal health camps and VG project for particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs),

                                   Provide Scholarship to SC & ST girls studying GNM/B.Sc Nursing courses.

1. Maternity Waiting Home (Maa Gruha):

It is a temporary home for expectant mothers where they can wait for safe delivery. On onset of labour, they are to be shifted to nearby health facility having BeMOC facilities for delivery. No post-partum cases will be allowed to stay at this Home. Ideally it should be located nearer to the hospital.

Objectives of Maa Gruha:

  • To establish alternative support infrastructure for addressing communication problems in difficult tribal pockets for ensuring institutional delivery.
  • To increase institutional delivery in the difficult tribal pockets.

2. Tribal health camps:

Health is a pre requisite for human development and it is essentially concerned with the wellbeing of common man. The health behaviour of the individual is closely linked to the way he or she perceives. Outreach activities like health camps specifically for particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) are a pivotal step to meet the prime diseases during the high prone months in tribal hard to reach areas. Hence, Bi-annual health camp is needs to be organized in this areas for the community those are residing in the hard to reach areas and affecting various common health diseases like-Malaria, Tuberculosis, Diarrhoea, Jaundice and Child malnutrition etc.


a)   In order to provide primary Health care services to the tribal’s living in the remote and hard to reach tribal settlements.

b)   The awareness regarding prevention, services regarding diagnosis, treatment and    referral services towards tribal people.

3. Vulnerable Group Project:

Vulnerable communities residing in remote & inaccessible pockets are underserved due to problems of geographical access and those who suffer social and economic disadvantages such as Primitive Tribes, Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (SCs/STs) etc. The RCH indicators of vulnerable population are very low than the District/ State average. Marginalization results in poorer social indicators for these groups, including maternal and child health indicators. This can be as much a result of service provider behavior as of health seeking behavior and capabilities. NRHM, has taken initiatives to address the health/RCH issues of those  area with focus attention on strengthen capacity, effectiveness and participation of civil society, with  specific recommendations of District health authority and other stakeholders. This concept of RCH is to provide to the beneficiaries need based, client centred, demand driven, high quality and integrated RCH services. The overall strategy of NRHM, Govt. of Orissa is to strive for obtaining RCH arrangements for the whole population and to promote and make available contraceptive/ terminal methods for desirous couples.  This integrated approach will help in reducing the cost of inputs as the overlapping of expenditures will no longer be necessary and the integrated implementation will optimize the outcome at field levels. This programme incorporates inputs from Govt. of Orissa as well as funding from external donor agencies. Since the implementation of the planned measures under NRHM, it is one of the mandates to improve the health and wellbeing on the vulnerable masses residing in hard to reach areas or in cut off zones. With high incidences of maternal and child mortality rate and ratio than of the district and state average, it seems to be a great challenge to improve the health indicators and to address the health needs  at par with the rest of the state.  


Documents (Click to Download)

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1 Beneficiary details for GNM Training-2009-10 to 2012-13 Download
2 Beneficiary list for BSC-Nursing Training-2009-10 to 2012-13 Download

Achievements (Click to Download)

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1 Achivements-VG Projects, TH Camps and Maa Gruha Download

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Guidelines (Click to Download)

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1 Guideline TH Camp Download
2 Maa Gruha Guideline Download
3 VG Guideline Download

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