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APRIL 2008-MARCH 2015

The Department of Health and Family Welfare (DoH&FW) and the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD), Government of Odisha (GoO) have been implementing Health Sector Support Plan (2007-2012), with support from DFID, to facilitate improvement in the health and nutrition status of the people of Odisha through enhanced equitable access to quality health and nutrition care. OHSNP aims to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, the communicable disease burden, under-nutrition, and regional and social disparities in health outcomes. Its main strategies include providing increased resources to poorer districts, capacity building for more responsive service delivery, improving management systems including monitoring of outcomes, addressing barriers to demand and access for SC, ST and other vulnerable groups, decentralised planning, inter-departmental convergence to address health determinants and more efficient use of resources.

There has been considerable progress in health status in Odisha over the last 5 years. The sector has benefited from the improved fiscal situation of the State, increased allocations for health care from the Central Government through NRHM and enhanced implementation capacity. However, the indicators for infant and maternal mortality remain high and there is still a large gap between the performance in Odisha and nationally. In this scenario, an Addendum to OHSP has been agreed between the UK, GoO and the India Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) to continue with a second phase of support until March 2015.

The objectives of the extended support are three-fold:

Consolidating health reforms and health systems strengthening from Phase 1;

Accelerating implementation of the Nutrition Operational Plan for reduction of malnutrition with a special focus on preventing malnutrition in children below 2 years;

Driving down to address the social determinants of health through empowerment of women and communities and an increased focus on water, sanitation and hygiene.

OHSNP is implemented by the GoO Departments of Health and Family Welfare, Women and Child Development and Rural Development.

Documents (Click to Download)

Sl No.Document NameDownload
1 Concurrent Monitoring II Download
2 OHSNP 2008 2015 Learning and options for future policy and strategy Download
3 Closing the health and nutrition gap in Odisha Download
4 Swachha Bharat Mission Report in Odisha Download
5 CLTS Innovation Report Feb-15 Download
6 Water Quality Treatment Methods Download
7 Innovation Techniques and Technologies for water treatment Download
8 Water Quality Management Startegy Download
9 Rapid Appraisal of Odisha WASH Sector Download
10 Documentation Products- Shakti Varta Download
11 Process Documentation of Shakti Varta Download
12 Shakti Varta Resource Centre Download
13 18,000 SHGs-85 percent of total SHGs in Rayagada Download
14 Operationalising Shakti Varta Progress and Process Download
15 Community processes for mobilizing Women and Communities for improved HNWASH Download
16 Mapping-cum- Institutional Assessment of Self Help Group Download
17 Impact evaluation of 1000 days training Download
18 Five year plan for the Odisha Institute for Nutrition Download
19 Evidence paper on coverage of nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive Download
20 Mid Terms Evaluation of NOP Download
21 Health Report on Emergency_Phaiin Download
22 Evidence Paper on HRH reforms in odisha Download
23 Draft Drug Stock Out Assessment Study Download
24 Public Health Cadre restructuring Download
25 Strengthening LQAS in Odisha- Malaria Control Programme Download
26 How Odisha is Positioned for Malaria Control Download
27 Training Module for Capacity Building for Accounatnts Download
28 Procurement Planning and Management of Drugs and Medical Consumables Download
29 Intensifications and Harmonizations of RMNCH-A at Odisha HPDs Download
30 Policy on Free Distributions of Medicines at Govt Hospitals Download
31 QI Plans for Safe Births Download
32 SOMERU Document Download
33 Mo Mashari Evaluation Report Download
34 Assessment of factors contributing and affecting availability and retention of health workforce Download
35 Study of Perceptions of Marginalised people about Health Download
36 Review of Health Equity Download
37 Rapid Assesment of Factor affecting ASHA Roles Download
38 Rapid Apprisal of Rural Water and Sanitation Sector Download
39 Quick Assment of Adolescent Anemia Control Programme Download
40 Policy Brief on Out of Pocket Expenditure on Health Download
41 Out of Pocket Spending on Health in Odisha-Status and Recommendations Download
42 Impact of Yashoda vs ASHA on Retention of Nursing Mother and Child Care Services Download
43 Concurrent Monitoring on Health and Nutrition Download
44 Analysis of Health Status in Odisha in Specific reference to health equity Download
45 VHND Assessment Report-6 Districts Download
46 Equity Cell set-up Supported,Progress Reviewedand Action Plan Developed Download
47 Dashboard Monitoring System on Key Integrated Chid Development Service Indicators Download
48 Summary of Nutrition Baseline Survey Download
49 Nutrition Operation Plan Download
50 Formative Research for Developing a Comprehensive Communication Strategy and Plan Download
51 Swasthya Kantha Campaign in Odisha Download
52 LLIN Distribution synchronized with a Commincation Campaign Download
53 GKS-A Communication Campaign Download
54 Evaluation of LLIN Download
55 Communication Strategy to reduce Malnutrition Download
56 Supply side Analysis of HR for Long Term Availability Download
57 Public Expenditure Review-2008-09 Download
58 IT Scoping-Current State Assessment Report Download
59 Medium term expenditure framework Download
60 State Specific Comprehensive Procurment and Distribution Reform Strategy for Drug, Equipment etc Download
61 Restructuring Plan for Nursing and Pharmacist Cadre Download
62 Procurement Mannual for Drug, Equipment etc Download
63 Final Report-Options for Streamlining Health Procurement System Download
64 Study and Improvement of Dietary Services and Management Download
65 Impact Accessment of MHUs in Odisha Download
66 Enhancing Quality care in provisioning Maternity Services Download
67 Rapid Review of Janani Express in Odisha Download
68 Operational Manual for Malaria Sentinel Download
69 Guidelines for Diet Management Download
70 Final Report-Development of Infrastructure Master Plan-Capital Hospital Download
71 Final Report-Development of Infrastructure Master Plan-VSS MCH Download
72 Final Report- Development of Infrastructure Master Plan for SCB MCH Download
73 Final Report-Development of Infrastructure Master Plan for MKCG MCH Download
74 Documentation of JE Management Models by SHG-Federations and NGOs in Odisha Download
75 OHSP- Policy and Activity Briefs Download

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