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Imp. NotificationDownload
Notice-Viva-Voce for APM-UH Download
Notice-Computer Test and Viva-Voce for CDM-UH Download
Notice-Computer Test and Viva-Voce for DLC-NLEP Download
Contractual Appointment-Advt No-03-21 Download
Walk-in-Interview-Advt No-04-21 Download
Corrigendum-Asst Manager-IEC-BCC-Advt No-20-2020 Download
Written Test for Physiotherapist under DEIC Download
Written Test for Asst Manager-RBSK-RKSK Download
Contractual Appointment-Advt No-01-2021-CPM-UH Download
Contractual Appointments-Advt No-02-2021-SHAS Download
Invitation of Objections for DAM-Advt No-15-2020 Download
Written Test-Physiotherapist-IPU-Advt No-61-19 Download
Written Test for VBD Consultant-Advt No-61-19 Download
Written Test for DLC- Advt on 45-19 Download
Notice for Original Certificate Verification-Advt No-19-2020 Download
Notice for Written Test-CDM-UH-Advt No-04-2020 Download
Notice for Written Test-APM-UH-Advt No-04-2020 Download
Walk-in-Interview for Consultant-PTC and PM-108 Download
Final List of Applicants-Consultant-Finance-Procurement-IDSP Download
Complainces to the Objections-Consultant-Finance-Procurement-IDSP Download
Final List of Applicants-Consultant-FPLMIS Download
Compliances on Objections for Consultant-FPLMIS Download
Corrigendum to Advt no 19-2020 dated 04-11-2020 Download
Contractual Appointment-Asst Manager-IEC-BCC-Training Download
Walk-in-Interview for Epidemiologist and Microbiologist-IDSP Download
Final List of Applicants-City Data manager-Advt No-04-2020 Download
Complainces against objections for City Data Manager-Advt-04-2020 Download
Invitation of objections for Consultant-Fin-Proc-IDSP Download
Final list of Applicants-Physiotherapist-IPU Download
Complainces to the objections of Physiotherapist-IPU Download
Invitation of Objections to the Provisional List of Candidates-City Data Manager-UH Download
Selected List-Empanelment of External Evaluating Agency Download
Rejected List-Empanelment of External Evaluating Agency Download
Final List of Candidates-APM-UH Download
Complainces to the Objections for APM-UH Download
Invitation of Objections-APM-UH Download
Contractual Appointment-Advt No-15-2020 Download
Invitation of Objections-Consultant-FPLMIS Download
Invitation of Objections for APM-UH-Advt No-04-22 Download
Invitations of Objections for Physiotherapist-IPU-Advt No-61-19 Download
Final List of Applicants-Dist Consultant-NTCP Download
Compliances to the Objections-Dist Consultant-NTCP-58-2019 Download
Cancellation Notice of Advt No-10-2020 Download
Result of Walk-in-Interview-Advt No-08-2020 Download
Cancellation of Advt No-11-2020-PHM-Urban Health Download
Final List of Candidates-VBD Consultant-NVBDCP Download
Final List of candidates-DLC-NLEP Download
Compliances to the objections submitted for VBD Consultant Download
Compliances to the objections submitted for DLC-NLEP Download
Contractual Appointments-Advt No 09-2020 Download
Walk-in-Interview for Consultant-Training-IDSP Download
Walk-in-Interview for Epidemiologists and Microbiologists Download
Appointment of Doctors-Nurses-Paramedics-COVID-19 Download
Notification for Newly Joined MOs Download
Invitation of Objections-Consultant-NTCP Download
Selected Notice for the post of Psychologist-DEIC Download
Inviation of Objections for DLC-NLEP Download
Notice-Extension of date for submission of Objections-VBD Consultant-NVBDCP Download
Notice for Couselling of 1403 Medical Officers Download
Invitation of Objections for VBD Consultant-NVBDCP Download
Contractual Appointments-Advt No-04-2020 Download
Notice-Interview for Psychologists-Advt No-37-18 Download
Final Database-AM-RBSK-RKSK-Advt No-17-19 Download
Complainces to the Objections-AM-RBSK-RKSK-Advt No-17-18 Download
Final Database-PPM Coordinator-Advt No-44-18 Download
Compliances to the Objections-PPM Coordinator-Advt No-44-18 Download
List of Selected Candidates for Executive Posts under SHAS Download
Contractual Appointment-Advt No-61-19 Download
Walk-In-Interview-Advt No-60-19 Download
Result-Wal-in-Interview-Advt No-53-19 Download
Contractual Appointment-Advt No-58-19 Download
Notice-Interview for Various Posts under SHAS-Advt No-01-2019 Download
Selected Candidates for Posts under SHAS-Advt No-01-2019 Download
List of Candidates for Written Test-Psychologist-Advt-37-18 Download
Walk-in-Interview-Filaria Consultant-RO-MoHFW Download
Notice-Written Test for Various Posts under SHAS Download
Contractual Appointment-Claim Head and Pre-Auth Head-SHAS Download
Notice-Interview of various posts-Advt No-01-2019-SHAS Download
Cancellation Notice-AM-LA and IS-Advt No-32-18 Download
Cancellation Notice-ACSM Officer-RNTCP-Advt No-44-18 Download
Final database for RVCCM-Advt No-31-19 Download
Walk-in-Interview for Claim Panel Officer-SHAS Download
Walk-In-Interview for Claim Panel Doctor-SHAS Download
Contractual Appointment-SHAS-Advt No-01-19 Download
Walk-In-Interview-SHAS-Advt No-02-19 Download
Cancellation Notice of Advt No-15-19 Download
Cancellation Notice of AM-ASHA and AM-GKS-Advt No-44-18 Download
Disclaimer on Recruitment of NHM Download
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